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Below are a few comments and reviews from our customers. We hope these help you with questions you may have. We are also always looking for feedback so please email us any pictures or stories you have with your rollerpack.

I took the roller pack out this last two days for a shakedown. I have to say it was the most enjoyable backpack in terms of comfort I have ever had. The pack went over logs and large rocks, between trees, up and down hills and turns with ease. You do have to sidestep a bit to get it around a tight turn, and when we stop to chat on the trail, I sort of back it in like I am backing my car into a parking spot.
It went on and off much easier than a pack, by far. The best feature of the roller pack is the halving of the weight of your pack. The maker says a 40 pound pack will put 18 pounds on the hipbelt.

It dose look very well built and only took me a few seconds to hook everything together and have it ready to roll.

This is a great piece of gear for some one who may have given up backpacking due to knee problems, if they can still manage day hikes.  It rolls over rocks, and and stairs and uneven ground with ease.  Down hill is where this pack really shines....just imagine the strain knees would take hauling a 60lb pack down hill.

1.  Follows you around like a little puppy.  To make sharp turns you need to walk a little wider.  Like around trail switchbacks.
2.  I went to the park to test it out.  Easy to go up hills and down hills.  It is different to walk, but not much.  Really takes the load off your body.  I think all you have to do is use it to get use to it.
3.  Your legs do not hit it and your hands are free to use walking poles.  The shoulder strap and hip belt do a nice job of holding the cart to your body.
4.  Plus, as you walk along the trail, it smoothes it out with the wheel.  It repairs hoof prints and hiker boot prints.  You can claim PCTA trail maintenance hours while hiking.  Neat.

You would be surprised at the sort of terrain that most folks would think it hard to use a pack like this in, but from my time testing it so far I have not been needed to slow down in any why to navigate the DPR through even some tough bits of trail. I has preformed better than I had expected it to,

Have been using the roller pack for a couple of weeks...several hikes.Loving the pack...my back and legs love it especially ! :)  Thanks so much for your innovation.

We went up & down stairs, over rocks & roots, and tackled a few small
hills and it's great!

Just wanted to pass along a little review I did on the Rollerpack.Thanks for a great product.

Bob - I've been using the roller pack daily on my morning walks - working great. In cold rain,Love this thing more each and every time I use it.


I have used your rollerpack on a short trip that my wife and I took in the Gila Forest in New Mexico .  This was our first overnight backpacking trip and with me beginning backpacking at an age of 58 with the urging of my wife, we had to take everything we needed including the kitchen sink.  LOL !!  I did not get a chance to weigh the pack with everything on it but believe me I would of hated to try to carry it very far.  As you can tell I had a lot of weight on it.  I wish I would have taken some pictures with me wearing it and you could of seen just how much was on it.  It pulled very easily compared to carrying all the weight that was loaded.  I figure around 60 to 70 lbs.  I had loaded it a little too heavy and was glad that I did not have a lot of steep areas to contend with.  It was a little top heavy which caused it to through me off balance a few times and had to adjust the load from time to time, this was no fault of the pack, but because of my over loading the rollerpackWe will lighten our load the next time we go that is for sure.  When I did have a steep climb though I just grabbed the bars of the rollerpack and pulled it on up which was still a lot easier than carrying it.  It made the trip a lot easier on me and I would recommend it to anyone.  If there is any question about it pulling over rocks it was quite easily done.  I enjoyed using the rollerpack immensely and it will make my future backpacking ventures more enjoyable for sure. I will update you on our next trip.  The dog had to walk. 

I abused the roller pack in extremely rough rocky terrain strewn with timber and boulders.  It can go over large downed trees and boulders. I carried a heavy load of gold mining equipment, but it was a BALANCED load.
The roller pack functioned wonderfully and we were all amazed.  After the first 20 miles I did some simple up-armor for my situation. The up-armor was 2 ft. of  plastic irrigation pipe and a thin hard plastic shield.  The roller pack is now ready for more abuse.  And yes we do find Gold in Idaho the Gem State.
Next I hope to have a Big Game animal on it.

I just returned from a hike into the Ventana Wilderness where the trails have narrow sections, steps, boulders, steam crossings, twists and turns, steep climbs and decents.  I have your Dixon Rollerpack frame but fabricated my own harness copying yours, and my retrofitted Gregory Palisade backpack in place of the Dixon duffel bag for a two night three day trip.  I have made this trip numerous times with a conventional backpack weighing approx 40 lbs. for two nights and felt beat up at the end of the trip.
With the Dixon Rollerpack I was able to walk at a normal, upright stride.  Climbing is always work and was challenged pulling the rollerpack up granite obstacles behind me at the same time.  Once I got used to feeling where the back wheel was, properly adjusted the middle/back and shoulder straps, aiming at sections of the trail to avoid obstacles and steering the roller pack around turns it was still less of a trade off compared to carrying a load on my back for 14 miles.  At the end of the hike I didn't ache from the neck down for two days like I used to and my feet feel great.
The Dixon Rollerpack held up just fine and is ready for it's next trip.  I can never go back to backpacking the old way.  My buddys are planning a seven day trip behind Yosemite and are jealous, expect a call from them.  Thanks for a great product!