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The belief that all wheeled devices are prohibited in the wilderness is a misunderstood area of public lands management. The paragraph below is part of a government document.

                  Wilderness Accessibility for People with Disabilities

"According to Joe Meade, USFS National Access Program Manager, the Forest Service wants to leave some latitude for local managers to make decisions on a case-by-case basis, depending on environmental conditions. The Forest Service can issue special permits to authorize otherwise prohibited activities. A memo from Meade, dated August 9, 1991, illustrates the point:  
     Our policy is not to hinder a person with a disability from using a non-motorized mechanical device different than just a wheelchair in order to access the wilderness. Units have the authority and indeed are encouraged to prudently issue permits to individuals who need such an exception. The person may need to offer proof of the disability, such as a note from a medical authority or some other method of verification...i.e. a person with a chronic back disability which does not permit them to carry weight on their back may be issued a permit to use a wheeled primitive cart...remember, wheelchairs are not the only devices serving the disabled. We draw the line with motorized devices ...." (pg #19-20)

For the entire document and more information regarding accessibility in the wilderness area for people with disabilities please visit the follow website: http://wilderness.nps.gov/document/I-25.pdf

"Doug at the top of Mt. Massive 14,421. One of the many 14,000 summits he has concurred with his walkers and the help of the Rollerpack."