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Pack Details 50lbs
Heavy Load Rollerpack 75lbs
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                Want to save your body?
With the Dixon Rollerpack you'll do just that!

The mission of the Dixon Rollerpack Company is to help walking travelers more comfortably enjoy the journey they embark upon. Whether young and athletic, or physically challenged by age or disability, this unit allows one to carry the necessary equipment and supplies to engage in healthy, vigorous exploration of the great outdoors. The Dixon Rollerpack is gentler to a trail or open space than the passage of pack animals, and it leaves no pollution behind.

The Dixon Rollerpack is an old concept brought back to modern days.  One hundred fifty years ago the plain Indians used a device called a travois. This was a frame slung between trailing poles and pulled by a dog, horse or sometimes humans. They used it to move their goods and belongings as they looked for better hunting grounds and warmer weather.

As times have changed the new travois uses materials such as aluminum tubing and a ball bearing wheel. This new idea makes your hiking experience half the weight, twice the fun. The weight of the pack is distributed between the hiker and the wheel, which makes a 40 pound pack weigh only 20 pounds on the individual, making everyone an ultra-light hiker.  With less weight on your body this allows you to hike further and have less discomfort at the end of the day. The Dixon Rollerpack is ideal for traveling on all established trails. Because of the wheel’s size and shape it can easily go over rocky, sandy, muddy, terrain and even over snow with the ski attachment. The pack is also easier to put on and take off because it is lighter and lower to the ground. For those that are going on off trails adventures, the Rollerpack can also be converted into an external frame backpack in less than a minute.

"Life is an Adventure for those with the courage to Explore."